Robin Rocks Digital Marketing Services
You can't change lives by standing still....
Are you ready to make this thing happen?
You got into this gig because you had to build your dream business!
You want to help people - not mess around with websites and sales funnels.
You're also worried about losing your essence and the soul of your brand as you put yourself out there and grow.
You CAN do it - for reals! 
You can market to the right people, sell, and grow your business in a way that is authentic and feels right.
Here's how the magic happens....

  • Who do you want to work with, and how can you best serve them?
  •  Does your brand really represent you and speak to your ideal clients?
  •  Do you have products, services, programs, or courses that you are offering to your clients?
  •  We're going to put together a plan that includes all the things and covers implementation.

Web Design

  •  Let's start at the beginning - do you have a domain, hosting, an existing website?
  •  Are we fixing an existing site or starting from scratch?
  •  Do you need help with branding, images, and copywriting?
  •  I'll design you a WordPress site that really feels like your online home. You'll be proud, and your clients will feel welcomed and happy to visit!
Sales Funnels

  •  Those products, services, programs, and courses you have? Let's make sure they really solve problems for your clients.
  •  Value ladders - heard of 'em? From your freebies to to your highest best offer, a value ladder cohesively steps your client through levels of commitment to you and your services.
  •  I'll design a funnel that makes the right offers to the right people - in a way that is authentic to you and your brand.
I am an ALL IN kind of chick. 
My services are holistic. You get my strategy, expertise, and 
abilities for all aspects of your project - design, copy, tech, marketing, social media, and more!
Because I will treat your business and your clients just like they are my own, 
and because I will care as much as you do, I only have room for a limited number of clients.
If you believe your business needs - and you deserve - the level of support I offer, then let's book a quick call. 
My schedule fills quickly, and I don't want you to miss out!
I can't make this kind of commitment to just anyone, so I will ask you to complete a brief application 
to make sure we are a good fit for each other. Once you complete it, I'll reach out to schedule your free consult.
Testimonial for Robin Rocks Digital Marketing - Ken Midyette Jr.
My name is Ken Midyette, Jr. My dream job is doing historical tours while stand up paddling a canoe. I live in an environment that is rich in historical waterways. It’s a perfect place for me to share my passion for paddling and history. The problem is that I didn't know how I could market my dream job to the world. 

Then I spoke with Robin of Robin Rocks! Digital Marketing. She gets ME, she gets my PASSION, and she has a path! Digital marketing isn’t my dream job, but it sure seems to be hers. With her coaching, my historical journeys are finally starting to be seen by the right people. 

 With Robin's help, I now feel like my dream job and I are on the field playing the game. It’s still up to me if I win or lose, but with Robin’s coaching, and outstanding game planning, I feel like for the first time that I can get to where I want to be.

Ken Midyette, Jr.
Turtlewerks Historical Paddle Journeys

Testimonila for Robin Rocks Digital Marketing - Anya Perry
I’ve had the pleasure working with Robin for the last year. She helped me with so many things. She put administrative systems in place for me and created and edited content for my website. 

Robin has truly become my business strategist and operations manager! Meanwhile, hiring her allowed me to focus on the main tasks of my business. I've become much more organized and efficient. She is super organized, positive, loyal, considerate, and very professional. 

I highly recommend Robin to anyone looking for someone reliable and fun to work with. Robin rocks!

Anya Perry
Nutrition Coach and Educator
Testimonial for Robin Rocks Digital Marketing - Todd Carberry
I came to Robin looking for help to re-design my floundering, inefficient website and Facebook page. My website had no traffic, and I was not getting results. 

 Robin wasted no time coming up with different options for a fresh, new website that would help to promote my brand and get my marketing message across. Her ideas and suggestions for improved business systems, performing lead magnet analysis, and sales funnel development are second to none. Her effective, expedient communication and technical skills have helped me to increase business flow and have a presence online and in my community that I didn’t have before. 

 Robin has given me more time to focus on the things that I AM good at, by handling the technical and marketing side of things. My productivity has increased, and I have a more profitable business as a result. Robin does TRULY ROCK!!!

Todd Carberry
Hamptons FitPro
So, are you ready? Let's do this thing!
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